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"As this was the first time we have commissioned any artwork, we contacted Miranda by phone first to just talk about what the process was and, perhaps most importantly, if a commissioned piece was within our price range. We had seen her work at Neptune and thought the style suited the space we had in mind. From the off, she was brilliant, putting my mind at ease about how it would all work. We talked about our "vision", the sorts of colours we wanted and options about size, and of course agreed a price range.


We sent through some photos of the space and the colours we were going to use in the room and Miranda called once she had thought through what might work best. She then sent some photo-shopped examples of what might work so that we could "see" them on the wall and after a chat, we agreed to "go bold", making the picture larger than perhaps either of us would have originally gone for. 

She kept us up to date with progress, sticking to the deadlines she had given us and, despite the on-set of Coronavirus, the painting duly arrived.


Needless to say, we are really pleased with the finished article. The colours go brilliantly with the rest of the room and is the stunning feature that we hoped for. Everytime I look it, I am so pleased we took the plunge and commissioned something.


The whole experience has made us realise that we should have done this before, as some of the other pictures we have are a compromise of colours or size and haven't always "hit the mark". 

Adrian Povey

“Commissioning our paintings from Miranda was almost effortless, and definitely not the lengthy or creatively demanding process you might imagine. After a relaxed conversation with Miranda about how she works and the preferred colour palette (for us based on a memorable day’s walking in Scotland last summer) then came the practicalities around the size of the paintings and their intended locations, taking into account the existing colour scheme of the room. Much of this was done via email and sharing photos, and Miranda couldn’t have been more flexible and accommodating throughout.  Suffice to say we are delighted with the results, which we feel are a fusion of personal images and memories, as expressed through Miranda’s artistic style.”

Patrick Lord

"For the first time in our entire adult life Simon and I commissioned an artist to create a painting for us. I came across Miranda Carter via a friend on Instagram (where else?) and I fell in love with her paintings.

The art world is intimidating if you don’t have the faintest idea about it – we certainly don’t but I put my brave pants on and got in contact with Miranda who was a dream to work with. We discussed the space and my concept, I sent some photographs of the room and a few weeks later we had our very own piece of art on the wall."

Antonia, Tailor Made Living

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