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Miranda lives and works on the edge of the Cotswolds. Her atmospheric paintings capture a landscape in flux. They are rooted in ‘the now’; catching a dynamic yet frozen moment between points of time or space; a place on the brink of change. She plays with light, colour and appearing and disappearing horizons. “I am drawn to the twilight hours and the space where land meets the sky.”

She is interested in conveying a sense of transition; a portal between two moments or a point of awakening. “I attempt to access the space between thoughts; a ‘biting point’ where there are moments of clarity and truth. These can appear in the ‘flow state’ of being completely present and immersed in the work.”


Miranda explores the feeling of being ‘earthed’ and connected to the landscape, immersing herself in the natural world.  "I aim to recreate the feeling you experience when encountering something bigger than yourself.”


Her technique includes sweeps of acrylics, washes of ink, delicate filigrees of pencil and glowing pastel work. They are layered together to create changes in focus and ambiguity between hue and value. “I love playing with my materials, noticing the way pressure, mood and process affects them.”


Miranda has exhibited widely and is represented by galleries across the country. She has many collectors and is one of a handful of artists working with the interiors company Neptune, selling prints of her work in stores and online. 

A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is the experience. ​Mark Rothko


Spencer House Gallery

34 Long Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8AQ

The Art Buyer

16A High Street, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0RY.

The Modern Art Buyer

Waterside Gallery

21 Marine Parade, St Mawes, Truro TR2 5DW

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