Miranda is based in North Wiltshire where she creates paintings which explore the different qualities of line, colour and medium. She takes inspiration from the rhythms of nature and wide open spaces.

My artwork is about achieving balance between colour, light and texture. The juxtaposition of contrasting elements: fine lines verses bold brushstrokes particularly interests me. I aim to create energy with each gesture whilst maintaining a sense of calm in the finished piece. 


I paint and draw simultaneously. Adding, concealing, and revealing like a conversation. Each mark responding to its previous. By painting marks that speak to each other, I can initiate a visual journey for the viewer. They lead the eye through the painting, inviting them to participate in their own personal interpretation. 

It is one of the ecstasies of painting - this independence of the hand from the brain. Patrick Heron

A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is the experience. ​Mark Rothko