Miranda is based in north Wiltshire where she creates paintings which explore the diverse range of her materials. She takes inspiration from nature and her process involves finding balance and peace which translates in her work.

Artist Statement

My paintings are non-figurative but I am inspired by wide open spaces, skies, seas, expansive views and the rhythms of nature. So naturally this seeps into my work like a visual vocabulary. 


In the studio, I start painting by letting go of expectations and attachment to an end result. I paint intuitively, allowing the natural flow of my materials take the lead. The pieces reveal themselves like a conversation between one mark and the next. Constantly striving for balance until one more mark is 'just enough'. 


​It is one of the ecstasies of painting - this independence of the hand from the brain. Patrick Heron

The journey of the paintings are reflected in finished pieceThey are equally calming and energising to look at and provide a much needed moment of peace and reflection in our fast-paced lives.

© 2019 Miranda Carter