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Miranda’s atmospheric paintings capture a landscape in flux. A place on the brink of change. She plays with light, colour and appearing and disappearing horizons. “I am drawn to the twilight hours and the space where land meets the sky.”


“I explore the feeling of being ‘earthed’ and connected to the landscape, immersing myself in the natural world. I aim to recreate the feeling you experience when encountering something bigger than yourself.”


"My approach is more poetic than observational. I attempt to create the feeling of space, light and land in the studio. The relationship is between me, the canvas, and the tools in front of me. I pour, scratch and layer paint, inks and pastels, encouraging ‘accidental’ marks and gestures. Guiding them to create impressions of clouds, misty horizons, and tracks etched into the landscape."


Miranda has exhibited widely and is represented by galleries across the country. She has many collectors and regularly works with interior designers and with Neptune, who sell prints of her work in their stores and online. 

A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is the experience. ​Mark Rothko

Miranda Carter Studio (2) 09-21 LR.jpg
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