In my words...

It was such an important experience preparing for a recent series of talks, and putting my journey into words that I wanted to record them here for anyone else who might be interested in how or why I paint today. 

It's sometimes easy to lock yourself away in a studio and forget to interact with other artists and the people who might want to actually see and enjoy your work. The collaboration with Neptune has given me such a unique opportunity to firstly see my paintings is such a beautifully curated space but also to talk to people coming into the store and finding out first hand how my work can actually affect others.

"I remember the first time that paint did something beautiful right in front of my eyes…. I was about 10 years old and I had been given my own set of watercolour paints. Dad was an art teacher so there was always a paint box or a pottery wheel nearby! Dad and I were sitting outside on a summers evening painting the sunset. I remember being completely in the moment and forgetting to think about what I was doing. The brush took over and the result was a single fluid mark that rolled across the page like poetry! The feeling has stayed with me and to relive it through my practice today as often as possible!

This ‘being in the moment’ has become essential to creating my work today. If I grasp at results or think too hard it just doesn’t work. Instead I aim to be playful and open to all possibilities, exploring the range of marks I can achieve with my materials without attachment or expectation.

I draw and paint simultaneously. I don’t see them as two separate genres. My artworks reveal themselves like a conversation between one mark and the next. The magic happens when the delicate balance and contrasts between colour, light, soft and sharp marks begin to work together.

For me, a successful piece of art can take you out of your everyday routine and transport you somewhere else - even for the briefest moment, and when this moment has passed the world looks a little different and you feel refreshed. 

I studied Fine Art at Winchester Art School and then at Bath Spa. When I left art school I worked in a ceramics gallery in London. There I became fascinated by different effects and colours you could get from slips and glazes. Like paint but so different too because of the magic that happens in the kiln affecting the surface in beautiful ways. It gave me the idea of working with the surface of my paintings – adding layer upon layer, scratching into it, peeling back to past layers… making the process and history of the painting visible. 


© 2019 Miranda Carter